Hacker Origin Russia Successfully breaking Apple App Store

Apple products have a defect return in terms of security. After some time ago attacked a malware virus, now a Russian hacker managed to fool security systems Apple App Store. And, hackers also managed to download a paid app for free.


Steps taken by the hacker is very simple. He suggests three simple steps to get it. And, he uploaded a video showing the steps to the Youtube site with id named ZondD80.

The Apple had already issued a statement regarding the incident. Quoted from VentureBeat, Natalie Harrison, an Apple spokeswoman said that the security system is owned by the Apple App Store is very important for the company and the developer community. Therefore, it will investigate the incident and will take action against perpetrators of the burglary are serious. And, the Apple had been asked to immediately remove the Youtube video uploaded by ZondD80 it.