What Happens If RIM Lego BlackBerry License?

BlackBerry is still a popular device, especially in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia. One reason why is still a lot of BlackBerry fans are reluctant to switch to another operating system have caused liver simple interface with a qwerty keyboard which makes it the best of social media.

But what if your BlackBerry is no longer exclusive? So our prediction, the BlackBerry can be used by the mobile phone industry out, as happened in QNX that has been adopted by the automotive world. “QNX has obtained a license in the automotive sector and now we can do with BlackBerry 10,” said Thorstein Heins RIM CEO told Bloomberg.

BlackBerry 10 was created in collaboration with BlackBerry and QNX Software Systems, RIM recently purchased at a price of $ 200 million. However, the possibility of BlackBerry 10 licenses to be used on the mobile phone world it seems a bit small, after Samsung refused to confirm the purchase of a BlackBerry 10 some time ago.