How to Save Online Streaming Videos and Optimize Them for Your iPhone or iPad

Screen_Capture7_Box_151x202Do you like to watch online streaming videos on your iPhone or iPad? Ever since mobile devices started catching on, many people have slowly but surely started to use them to watch video clips, shows, or even entire movies. If you’re streaming these videos then there’s really no need to worry about optimization – but if you want to store them on your devices then that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

The two reasons why quite a few people take to storing videos on their mobile devices tend to be:

  • It saves mobile bandwidth and prevents you from incurring extra charges due to exceeding your data cap.
  • It allows you to watch your videos even when you have no internet connection or your internet connection is unstable.

Of course, saving online streaming videos can be a bit tough in the first place – which is why the workaround that most people use is to capture the videos with screen capture software on a PC and then transfer them to the iPhone or iPad.

Saving online streaming videos in this way is simply a case of playing them and recording the region that they’re playing at the same time. Once the recording is done, you will essentially have a copy of the video that you can save onto your hard drive.

When you’re doing that, you can also take care of the optimization of these videos and there are two different approaches that you can use in that regard. Either you can optimize them so that they appear as the best possible quality for your iPhone or iPad, or you can compress them until they fit into a specific file size so that you conserve storage.

With the latter option there’ll be a certain loss of quality, but you should be able to keep it to a minimum.


Choosing the Right Software

To get all of this done you will need to choose the right software – which is where the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will excel. It is a user-friendly and yet comprehensive screen capture software and even if you have no prior experience you should be able to learn how to record your screen in just a few minutes.

Not only will it let you capture online streaming video with ease, but you’ll also be able to optimize your videos without having to jump through any hoops – thanks to the hundreds of presets it has available that cater to all sorts of devices and platforms.

On top of that its other features will allow you to edit your video and enhance its quality, transform the video with special effects and filters, cut and combine video segments, add customizable text as captions or subtitles, insert background music or voiceovers, and much more.

Suffice to say, you will be able to save, optimize and even edit your video to improve them so that they’re perfect for your iPhone or iPad.