How To Unlock iPhone Step by Step

How to Unlock iPhoneHow to unlock iPhone? Is it possible? Yes, you can unlock the iPhone and the usage was on a different network than AT & T. The first method, published in August 2007. Both PC Magazine and MacWorld have published instructions to unlock the iPhone. Make sure the iPhone is running firmware 1.0.2 or earlier can not upgrade your phone to 1.1.1 or later, as part of the phone. Here is how to unlock iPhone


 How to unlock iPhone Guide


  1. Make sure your iPhone, connect the data cable and Wi-Fi. Before you begin, remove the help of iTunes running in the background on your PC or Mac to your PC, open the Task leadership of the management process and seek the help of iTunes and click End process or kill process. Going to the Mac Activity Monitor and select the help of iTunes, click End Process.
  1. Go to to find and download the file, unzip on your PC or Mac desktop. Also download and unzip on the desktop, www.widgx.or/ Once you have these available and uncompressed files on your desktop, you are ready to begin unlocking the iPhone.
  1. Use the version of iTunes 04/07/1912. Install it on your computer. When we started the release can get an update for iTunes, please ignore this message does not update.
  1. If you can not unlock the new iPhone from the box and then all content, music, videos, photos, programs, all for your Mac or PC. If no backup on the iPhone and left all its contents are lost forever.
  1. Put the iPhone into recovery mode. These hold the next two buttons simultaneously – the sleep button and home button. Keep both buttons simultaneously until you see a yellow warning triangle to see then release. Ignore all other symbols and wait for the triangle. Ignore the Apple logo, which can occur repeatedly. Because the triangle appears, release the keys.
  1. Make sure, firmware version 1.0.2 on the desktop. After the release of iTunes, you will see a message that the iPhone in iTunes to restore mode recognizes. Hold down the Shift key and click restore. This is very important that you hold the Shift key before clicking again. You receive a message that it restores the firmware. 1.0.2 Double-click. Then wait. This will take some time, the iPhone will go through different cycles, it installs the firmware, we are all ready and not to the computer or phone to complete this step. If this is step complete, close iTunes.
  1. Open the folder that you downloaded earlier. Find the AppTapp Installer. Start the AppTapp installer. When asked to select the firmware version 1.0.2. Then click Install. This will take some time because the program download and install the files on your computer. Make sure no other programs running at the moment. Your iPhone will go through a couple of times, let them all go. If you click OK, The bar setup can not go all the way through, but if the iPhone returns to the screen in the world is, the black screen is on the computer, this is it.
  1. Navigate to the folder you downloaded earlier, and find the backup folder to a file, the agency says, and then click here to activate. Then click on the file, click HERE CLICK says. A message asks if you’re ready, press any key to continue. Once done, turn off the phone and back again. Now you are ready to insert the SIM card of your choice on your iPhone.
  1. The Last: Turn on the phone. Use a paper clip, they are developed. Opens the SIM card. Remove and replace the SIM card with any SIM card you want. Connect the iPhone and that’s it.

This is the simple way How to unlock iPhone. Or you can try R-SIM (REBEL4S II) Unlock Turbo SIM Card for iPhone 4S