HTC will Using MediaTek Processor to Compete in the Lower to Middle Segment

A new policy will be made ​​by HTC as the company amid worsening conditions. A total of four new policies will be implemented by the Taiwanese company. The policy is in line with the transfer of some tasks CEO Peter Chou told Chairwoman Cher Wang.


Of the four new policy, which is quite surprising is the use of MediaTek processor. This is done by HTC to be able to compete with the other smartphone manufacturers in lower-middle segment. Especially now, HTC is known as the smartphone at not a cheap price. Even octa-core smartphone with MediaTek MT6592 processor will be launched HTC in the coming months.

The second policy is considered to perform activities of production to Foxconn outsorcing and Windstron . The third policy and that has been done is the CEO duties to surrender some Chairwoman. And lastly, HTC will undertake a new strategic plan in terms of partnership. It is said that they will cooperate with the world’s biggest phone provider; China Mobile has 750 million subscribers.