Image iPad Mini 2 Back Into Public

iPad Mini 2, is staying a second generation of 7.9-inch Apple tablet is expected to be officially launched in the near future, and as if responding to that desire, now some images appear to show some part of the device on the back is made of the aluminum shell in resolution high.

Outstanding of images, not found a lot of new stuff on the iPad Mini 2, or whatever Apple will call that device.

In the leaked picture, as reported by PhoneArena on Monday (26.08.13), looks back with almost the same shape and you’ll see an iPad Mini is equipped with the latest mobile connectivity, as well as the back of the shell that will be covered with a strip plastic, a feature that is designed to get a better signal throughput.

iPad Mini 2_1

Speaking about the design changes, apparently there is not anything new. Remain separate volume buttons; the location remains behind the camera, stereo speakers located at the bottom of the new dsn lighting ports remain situated as in its predecessor.

With Google will bring affordable tablet Nexus 7 which offers stunning high-resolution display, Apple seems to be forced to include features ‘Retina Display’ in the second generation of the iPad Mini to make it look more competitive.