Important Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe

Businessman with umbrella
Businessman with umbrella

You’ve spent countless hours shaping and growing your business, so it’s more important than ever to keep your business safe. You cannot control all of the factors than threaten the safety of your business, but you can greatly reduce the risk of a robbery, break-in or other crime by implementing these tips.

Hire Carefully
Your employees are some of your most valuable assets, but it is vital to have the right people working with you. Many crimes against businesses are performed by employees. Your employees have access to your space, your keys and many of your network passwords.
Use caution when hiring new employees, and ask plenty of questions during the interview process. You want to find employees who are well-qualified, honest and trustworthy. Many business owners choose to run background checks and/or credit checks as a regular part of the hiring process.
In many cases, employees will try to steal from you on a small scale before trying something major. If you notice red flags about an employee’s behavior, deal with the matter quickly before it goes any further.

Have a Security Plan
No one expects their business to be targeted from the inside or outside, but a security plan is an important part of any successful business. When you are developing your plan, note what you believe your biggest security risks are, and brainstorm with your team to find solutions.
Some companies choose to install a high-tech CCTV surveillance system, while others might pour their security dollars into hiring a full-time security guard. If your most important business documents and assets are electronic, you might prefer to invest in an advanced firewall and online security features.

Re-Evaluate Regularly
As your business continues to grow, your security needs will change. What kept your business perfectly safe three years ago might no longer be as effective today. Because of this, it’s important to re-evaluate your security policies and procedures on a regular basis.
You don’t want to only change your security policies after a negative event has already occurred. Instead, be pro-active about making changes and implementing some of the latest advances in the security world. Instead of trying to evaluate your security alone, ask for input from your managers and other employees.

It takes some extra time to develop an effective security plan, but it’s worth the effort to keep your business as safe as possible.