Instagram Beta version Available at Windows Phone Now

The Windows Phone smartphone owners now can smile with relief. Popular applications began coming to the Microsoft operating system. After Vine, Instagram now turn to Windows Phone officially landed.

Unfortunately, the Instagram app on the Windows Phone does not have all the features on Instagram Android or iOS. No features that include the ability to upload video and tagging friends. Instagram parties as quoted from The Verge claiming that the application will continue to grow.


Additionally, Instagram users in Windows Phone would be quite more complicated in wear applications. This is because the application did not include support for in-app camera. So Windows Phone users must wear regular smartphone camera and then edit them on Instagram.

The lack of completeness of the application also features the well-founded, Because Windows Phone app Instagram is still in beta with version So it is not surprising that this application is still very much with the Instagram app on the Android or iOS app that is no longer a beta.

Regardless, this app also has all the filters photograph owned by iOS or Android version. So, from now you can gradually leave the third party application when uploading photos to Instagram.