Instagram CEO: ‘First BlackBerry and Windows Phone, Next Google Glass’

Many hoped that Instagram can be present in the Google Glass, but it will not materialize in the near future according to Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom.


“We seem to not be focused on Blackberry or Windows Phone, but I think it would be to their Instagram before Google comes in Glass,” Systrom said as quoted from PhoneArena on Wednesday (26.06.13). It is determined based on the rationale that not everyone seems interested in adopting Glass.

Perhaps it is true, but keep in mind when Twitter, Path, Tumblr, and Facebook itself is known to have acquired Instagram is now being co-developed application that can be used for Glass.

Although not going to focus on Windows Phone and Blackberry, but Systrom himself stressed that it was not sure it would prioritize both. He simply said that in order of priority, how they are expanding the market is to look at the growth of the majority of Instagram users, so it needs a very long time to shift focus to Android (in this case Google Glass).

That is, it appears there is some truth. Given the substantial time needed to expand the features of the iOS version of Instagram for Android, as well as take care of disputes that will arise along the way.