iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak It Can!

For the first time the iPhone 5 could be untethered jailbreak after rumors saying that the device is not possible to be jailbroken. With this capability, you could say  iOS 6 users have been out of prison like Apple.


The users of Linux, Windows, Mac via software from evasi0n can either untethered jailbreak their devices running iOS 6.x. The jailbreak process relatively easy, just connects the premium smartphone to your computer and run the software evasi0n. That must be considered before making an untethered jailbreak is to back-up all data, because the possibility of data can be lost.

Excess untethered jailbreak (UJ) of jailbreak regular or called tethered jailbreak (TJ) is the user does not have to worry anymore if his death iDevice should reboot and the need to connect to a computer, like the iPhone before the jailbreak.

If you want to immediately download the untethered jailbreak your iDevice, simply try to download the software evasi0n officialnya website ttp :/ / /