iOS Core Mobile Successfully Embedded on Nokia N900

Still remember the first and last Nokia smartphone that uses Meego OS? Yup, the mobile phone is the Nokia N900. There is a word that is quite interesting and surprising the associated phone. Namely the possibility of this smartphone uses Apple’s IOS operating system.


Is a developer known as Winocm successfully pinned XNU kernel on the N900 smartphone. XNU kernel itself is the base used to make the OS X and iOS. By embedding the kernel, then do not rule out the development of the future there will be a N900 which uses iOS.


But that is done by Winocm still an early stage. The developers managed to embed the core of the Apple operating system without any user interface feature. And the embedded software also does not have the function of an operating system.

It also does not indicate the likelihood of Apple to license iOS to other manufacturers, because iOS is not an open source software. However this is done by proving Winocm about the possibility of it.