iPad 3 More Proven in Use for Business Purposes

Research conducted by the Consumer Intelligenve Research Partners showed that third-generation Apple iPad is widely used in the office and take it as work equipment. A survey of 1,000 shoppers who buy the iPad is between December and April 2012 showed a 21% purchase for work / business.

While users of third-generation Apple iPad more tends to bring it to the office. So what makes this the third generation iPad more in the condition received for office? The first is the retina display systems, the second is LTEnya connectivity that ensures faster data transfer speeds than 3G, and the third is the practicality of this iPad. Almost across the industry a suitable tablet to replace paper and substitute the function of a computer screen and desktop.

To show how useful the iPad at the office, last year 86% of Fortune 500 iPad try applying to its employees to work using these tablets. April is increased to 94% of these tablets usefulness in Fortune 500 and 70% in the Global 500. This event is also supported development of business applications for the industry. In Indonesia alone tablet also has become a partner in the business, just look at the many legislators who wear them. Origin if another court or important meeting tablets should not be made to watch videos that lol.