iPad Executive Homes Beyzacases leather case

Usually when I make a review I prefer to write the text first and then do a short video summary. This time I did the opposite so I have the impression that he has already said everything in the movie that you will find at the bottom of the article. Anyway here briefly the salient features of the product today.

This is a case for iPad Beyzacases, a company that we have been able to learn in the past for quality enhancements. One of the downsides of their products is that fine balance of materials and finishes is a sale price rather high. And the iPad Executive Homes is no exception. However after a few weeks after filing I am convinced to buy it for the simple reason that I am going to explain.

After many houses, cases and sleeves tested, I found myself using only the Case for Apple iPad. For my needs, there is not better because it is thin, durable and practical. Largely thanks to the interlocking system based on cutting the cover. But there is a very negative aspect is that the excessive susceptibility to soiling of the material it contains. We have seen a method which proved quite effective for cleaning the surface of the housing, but it is still troublesome from this point of view.

The beauty dell’iPad Executive Homes is just to be structurally identical to that of Apple, made with noble leather. So all the advantages of the original without the nightmare of filth I mean, I could not resist.

beyzacases custodia ipad

Extracted from the box all the conditions seemed to confirm: the exact same quality materials and structure of that which is inspired. Also, if I remember correctly that Apple had patented fastening system, then the company will probably have to pay to use that (this is just my guess).

executive case ipad

Added the iPad seems to go all out for the best. It also known that in the inside cover there is also a pocket, a small but useful to take some small piece of paper or business card. The leather frame is much thicker than the Apple case, so it was necessary to make a shape around the home button and a hole for the ambient light sensor in the top. Obviously there are more openings along the edge to the buttons, speaker, dock, etc

custodia ipad beyzacases

the joints of the back cover is done immediately, without looking, just as with the original. So you can take a stand for viewing vertical and horizontal writing.

custodia ipad executive

Yet there is a “but.” The only downside met, in addition to the price, proved to be quite unfortunate. Although the frame looks identical, the rigidity of the material and the excessive ease of bending of the front section of the housing  makes it much less secure. When the vine iPad positioned and used in a stand already mentioned there is no obvious problem with the truth.

ipad executive case

But what you hold in your hand is almost impossible to remove the cover of nesting involuntarily.