iPad Make a Menu Book Restaurant

For OTG restaurant, where books are printed menu may be not the ‘era’ again. Instead, they use the iPad to provide a different experience to its customers.

This experience can be traced in the air terminal in the United States and Canada in which the planned hundreds of devices Apple will adorn the dining area at the airport, located in New York LaGuardia, Minneapolis-St Paul and Toronto.

Later, ordering food menu that consumers want can be done only by operating the finger on the touch screen, reports of ITProPortal, Monday (06/11/2012).

Not only transformed into a menu, tablet computers are also provided with many applications. Pertaining to privacy issues, OTG promises, it will delete history search conducted of consumers, after its use is completed.

Fun, while consumers wait for the food orders came, they also can check linimasa Twitter, find out what is going on Facebook or send electronic messages in his account, of course, via the iPad.

IPad adoption of on-site dining is not only done by OTG. Other eating places were poised to give the book a different dining experience to its customers.

Sushi bar in London popler, Inamo example. They invite visitors to the place to order nagiri and abused via tablets.