iPad Mini and iPad 5 Will Not Release at September

If you are one of those who wait for the release of iPad Mini tablet, then you still have to wonder much longer. The reason is, Apple will not release iPad mentioned the latest generation of variant anything, either  iPad 5 or iPad Mini Retina Display, on September 10.


As was said, it has scheduled the release of Apple’s newest products next month. However, the company’s new computer gadget and will release the iPhone 5S and 5C. Statements about the certainty nevertheless iPad product appearance at the event, has been confirmed by the official blog of Apple.

Site AppleInsider on Wednesday (08.28.13), write a prediction that mention a “tradition” that apparently will not be infringed by Apple. iPhone 5 released in September 2012 ago, while the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad was launched one month later, in October 2012. This tradition seems to still be held by Apple.

In conclusion, you will have to wait and enjoy the latest generation iPhone for a while, before preparing for the arrival of the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini Retina Display.