iPad Mini Roll in October? To fight Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 looks promising indeed. Seemed to not want to miss, Apple was expected to release its competitors the iPad Mini in the near future.

iPad Mini is rumored to carry the 7.58 inch screen with internal memory of 8 GB. If viewed from the specification is unclear if this product will deal directly with Google Nexus 7 that carries a 7 inch.

The analysts also expect Apple will soon release iPad Mini in October 2012 with the official prices.

“We expect low-cost version for 7.58 inch iPad sailing and 8 GB of memory will be sold at USD 299 (equivalent to USD 2.8 million) with approximately 31% initial margin,” predicted Andy Hargreaves, Pacific Crest analyst from the institute.

If the prediction is correct, this tiny version of the iPad will not only become a major competitor Google Nexus 7, but also threaten the sales of iPad 2. Especially if there is a 16 GB version was released.

“We expect Apple will manage to sell 10 million iPad Mini by the end of 2012, and reached 35.2 million to cover 2013. We also believe that the 9.7 inch iPad market will be eroded by about 25%” said Hargreaves explains. As quoted from Mashable, Tuesday (07/03/2012).

Various leaks that indicate the presence of iPad Mini is more widely heard, not a few users who are hoping this product will be released soon. It’s really? We wait for later in October 2012.