iPad Mini Rumor : Small Memory But have image as sharp as New iPad

Although not yet confirmed their presence, iPad with smaller screen sizes or often called iPad Mini, has been luring consumers. A survey shows, many have longed to have it and guessing the price.

The latest news about the iPad Mini, mini iPad leaked price list the different versions. Cnet, Friday (05/11/2012) launch, iPad Mini will reportedly shrinkage of storage capacity.

iPad Mini touted to be priced in the range of USD 200-USD 250. At the lower end this first half of the price iPad and $ 150 to $ 200 cheaper than the 16GB version iPad2 which is still sold by Apple. Price is also able to match the iPod Touch product line that starts in the range of USD 199 to USD 399 for the 64GB version.

The report also adds interesting information, that the mini iPad will only have a memory capacity of 8GB. Despite the small screen, the screen resolution will reportedly be the same as the new iPad.

Again, although not yet confirmed the truth, some analysts have given judgment. They assessed the combination of high-resolution screen with a smaller storage capacity will cause problems.