iPad review

Abstract: I’m not a fanboy of Apple, I just an iPhone – and I think the Apple notebook costing an exaggeration for my pocket – but for a few days (since May 27, with 24 hours in advance of the official launch) are also I have an iPad (the model that costs less, by the way).

Here are my impressions on five things that revolve around the iPad:


Beautiful as “native”, much less than the iPhone. It ‘s true, the iPhone by the app can also be used in iPad, but become ridiculous: the application is of size (visual) tiny (just as the iPhone screen), and if you click on the “2x” ( to enlarge to full screen) becomes grainy and pixelated.

And if you bought an iPhone and the developer makes a version of the same native iPad, in theory, you should buy one too …


I do not like the idea that a child is sitting on a desk in front of the PC. It makes me sad.

I rather like the idea that a child approaches the world of technology in a playful manner, “sofa”. And this is (probably) the main reason why I took the iPad: I have three young daughters, who spend a bit ‘too much time with the Nintendo DS, and I thought it was time to move on to something more “educational” and less “fun”, something that was not (only) a game.

With an advantage: if you give a child a netbook after 1 hour has messed up the operating system (and touches format …). However, if the messes iPad (what, however, rather difficult to do) the attacks and go to iTunes to “restore” 🙂

Internet Connectivity

A tip: if you use the mobile iPad, or bought a robo MiFi like Huawei E5830 (which would be a sort of big 3G WiFi router, more or less like a credit card: you find it on ebay – unlocked – around 100 €).

In this way, you DO NOT need to buy a model Wi-Fi + 3G dell’iPad (the most expensive), and you can also connect to the Internet with multiple devices (up to 5) at the same time: in practice, with one “SIM data “You can connect an iPhone, iPad a netbook and creating a small” mobile Internet bubble “that always follows your movements. Also there is the field, of course.


That will be used for years to read for hours on a PC monitor, but I will not tire the iPad to invalidate the view. It will not be an ebook reader with e-ink technology, but the reading is comfortable, I would say “relaxed” if I had a blank page too “bright” for your eyes you can (obviously) adjust contrast and brightness, increase the font size , or even change the background color (perhaps from white Biege).

If we want to talk about a problem, I would mention however that the lack of content: the store does not officially exist to date books in Italian (but there are a bunch in English, many of them also free): Luckily I subscribed to a list of ebooks Italians in epub format – where I get constant updates via Dropbox – otherwise I would have had to settle for book pre-loaded by default (“Winnie The Pooh” in the original language :-)).

Work & Productivity

No, not a giant iPhone 🙂 The iPad is much more similar to a netbook … but with 2 major flaws:

• you can not use on a table (unless you buy support, and keyboard and mouse “real”) and ends up being very little sofa and desk
• can not do multitasking (at least until they released version 4 of the operating system), then – for example – you can not use the browser, email client, skype and office applications in parallel

Result? the switch with a laptop is almost impossible, or at least postponed indefinitely.


The iPad not replace anything that’s already there.

It is an ebook reader, not a video game, not a tablet, not a notebook / netbook.

But it is a bit ‘all of these things, fitting into a niche where the use is “home-playful-relaxed.” Niche where no other has not joined yet, and even where competitors can run screaming 🙂