IPad Used as a Demo Model Burned in Vodafone Store Australia

Cases related iPad disconcerting occurred in Vodafone Store is located in Canberra, Australia. An iPad is commonly used as a demo model of burn and create a store filled with smoke.


Unknown model of the iPad is on fire. However, Vodafone said that the iPad is commonly used as a means of demonstration of its staff to the consumers. Allegations concerning the iPad cause burns were most likely related to the condition of the battery.

Because it is used as demo models, the iPad is often used. In addition, the iPad battery condition often charged and used very often, exceeding the level of use of an ordinary consumer. Allegations were also getting stronger as the Vodafone said the fire appeared for the first time from the iPad charging port.

Fortunately, this incident did not cause any casualties. Either injuries or fatalities, unlike the previous incident involving a Chinese woman who had died from being stung his iPhone in a state in-charge.