iPhone 5 Easy Bent?

Recently launched, the iPhone 5 once again reap the news is not tasty. Yes, sophisticated and fashionable smartphone is rumored to have a problem with the new body made ​​from aluminum.


From the photos reported by PhoneArena, Wednesday (12/26/2012), the 6th generation iPhone has a body that easily blisters, especially on black models. In fact, one of the photos showing the smartphone body was twisted after a few months of usage.

The bending of the iPhone 5 is of course due to the use of factors, not bent on its own because Apple includes companies that have a high quality control of its products.

However, if examined further, crookedness experienced smartphone that has a thickness of 0.34 inches or 8.6 mm this looks suspicious. I do not know it could be just a photo edited by photoshop nor does bent because of a fall. To be sure, if you are experiencing this on your iPhone 5, of course, be able to claim reimbursement to Apple.