iPhone 5 is estimated Has More Light Screen Resolution 1080 × 720 Pixel

iphone5dalamJust turn up the iPhone 4S, now circulating rumors about the shape of the iPhone 5. Until now, no single party except Apple knows what shape the iPhone 5. Even so, the gadget that reportedly drove mid-2012 it had a lot of reinvented them how to shape.

Media try to summarize the technology Geek rumors circulating about the iPhone 5 tight while showing the approximate his form. The one that almost certainly is the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen, which is about 4 inches.

Like the rumor that has been circulating, the screen will be widened up to the left and right of the chassis. Reportedly, the resolution will reach 1080 × 720 pixels.

Apple is known to release a super slim gadget. So most likely, iPhone 5 will be thinner than the previous generation iPhone. Moreover, now there are many Android handsets that are thinner than the iPhone 4S.

Other estimates, the iPhone 5 will use a quad-core processor and LTE connectivity. Analysis of institutions Susquehanna Financial believes Apple iPhone 5 will be introduced in June 2012.

Following the lead of its predecessor, the iPhone 5 is predicted to remain hugely successful around the world. But Apple assessed still must be alert to the presence of a variety of new handsets Android high end so the main threat.