iPhone 5 Lost landslide of BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Platform 10 is now arguably has not reached the final stage. In fact, the launch was still starting 8 days. Even so, that does not mean one device, the BlackBerry Z10, can not compete with smartphones that are considered opponents balanced: the iPhone 5.


In a video that was launched on YouTube, BlackBerry Z10 pitted competence with the iPhone 5, which includes all the specifications and features in it, ranging from the size of the screen until the battery capacity.

On screen size, BlackBerry Z10 is superior because 0.2 inches larger than the 4-inch iPhone 5, as well as its number of pixels the better, which is 356ppi compared to 326ppi device that belongs to Apple promoted.

The video also showed iPhone 5 defeated the battery capacity of the BlackBerry Z10, where the device has a removable battery that RIM 1.800mAh, while the 6th generation iPhone is carrying the non-removable battery 1.440mAh.

For business voice assistant, another iPhone 5 were overwhelmed because Siri has problems in responding to the message, while the BlackBerry Voice Control can respond with better and faster.

If you want to know more details of how the process of comparison between the two, consider the following video: Is the comparison, the BlackBerry Z10 actually won a landslide victory of the iPhone 5?

[video_skin style=”3″ title=”Watch this video…” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”UK0hWJEr874″ controls=”yes” width=”465″ height=”295″]

To be sure, Research In Motion (RIM) is ready to prove the claim that BlackBerry 10 will be the best smartphone platform in the world