iPhone 5: Overview of all information, facts and rumors

Every day, new facts emerge about Apple’s iPhone 5, which together with rumors of new food kitchen for the Apple fans. It is difficult to keep in the mass of information about the iPhone 5 track. We therefore hold together all the recent published reports. New: A video summary of the rumors and rated their likelihood.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Info Overview – News for Release date for iPhone 5-hardware, camera and Apple’s patents. iPhone 5 Info Overview – News for Release date for iPhone 5-hardware, camera and Apple’s patents. Update: The YouTube video at the end of this report summarizes the iPhone 5-Information and evaluates them. The individual features are provided with a likelihood that they will appear in the iPhone is reality 5th May be, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, Apple begin in mid to late August with the production of the iPhone 5, so the Apple iPhone smartphone 5 released in September 2011: original message. A specific date has CNet.co.uk calculated from all available data. The evidence would suggest the first Wednesday after the U.S. Labor Day holiday – that would be the 7th September 2011. Whether the iPhone actually 5 of 7 September 2011 will remain on unconfirmed officially. Yet more and more media reports about the September 2011 as the release month for the iPhone 5, last, the news agency Bloomberg. This information should come from an Apple insider. An indirect seeded followed shortly afterwards: About the Chinese version of Twitter called Sina Weibo is an employee of the Chinese telecommunications company China Mobile have announced that the iPhone will come in the 5 September 2011. The appropriate notice has been cleared again, reports Apple Insider.

A total of 15 million copies of the iPhone to 5 for the launch of the new Apple smartphone will be available. This was divulged by an Internet report, an employee of a Chinese mobile operator. Also last more interesting details about the iPhone release, 5-known. There were many updates in recent days also built in hardware of the Apple smartphone. Inside the iPhone to 5 of the ARM processor Apple A5 perform his duties. That would mean an increase in performance. The camera, whose position could shift, should provide a resolution of 8 megapixels.

On the software side, the iPhone set five little surprising to iOS 5th The OS will accordingly be published in September 2011 – that is, parallel to the iPhone gerüchteten 5 release. The flash is set up according to other sources of dual-LED technology. In Taiwan, manufacturers such as Lite-On and Everlight Electronics and Opto Edision in the implementation of the 5-iPhone hardware work, as Digitimes reports. Moment the light is created by Phillips. Digitimes reported on the 5-iPhone camera. The manufacturer Everlight and Lite-On have recently increased their efforts in the smartphone market and products already delivered to the supplier for major manufacturers should have revealed sources from the industry compared to Digitimes. Even Edison LED flash manufacturers will have good chances to become a new supplier of components for Apple.

It was also announced that Apple has secured the U.S. Patent Office a patent to include smart phones with touch screens and multi-touch interface. Whether this will apply in future legal disputes as a possible wild card, above which the experts disagree, however. This information comes from pcworld.com. Apple itself has however not yet confirmed whether the iPhone actually five in September 2011 enter the smartphone market – it will be fascinating. For details on Apple patents can be found on pcworld.com. The original message with updates to the iPhone 5 release can be found on pcgames.de. In the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, Apple has achieved success in court. Samsung’s application for the iPhone and iPad 5 5 to get to see in advance, was rejected by the court. Reason: Samsung has not provided sufficient reasons, reports engadget.com. Even with the release of the Apple iPhone 5 should not go by his rival Nokia and Google. The market researcher IDC expect the market shares continue to place a Google Android (market share: 38.9 percent), behind Nokia (20.6%) and only then Apple’s IOS (18.2 percent). The Blackberry operating system is, according to IDC stay on place 4.