iPhone 5 prototype Missing, Apple’s Report to Police

Apple is asking the police to find a prototype iPhone 5 missing. The prototype was reportedly abandoned by Appleiphone 5 employees at a bar area of  San Francisco, USA.

Police and Apple employees have visited a house suspected as the iPhone 5 was last located. But their search efforts still have not produced results.

Police and Apple did not say specifically what is missing the Apple gadget. However, as reported by the Wall Street Journal and quoted on Saturday (09/03/2011), documents from the police statement named the ‘iphone5.doc’.

“Two Apple workers to meet people and go home to look for missing items. They found nothing and left the house,” police said in a statement.

Not just this time losing Apple iPhone prototype. Last year, they have experienced the same thing with the loss of the prototype iPhone that also left four workers at a bar.

IPhone 4 prototype is then sold for USD 5000 on the inventor of technology site Gizmodo. Case 4 was lost iPhone could be a legal case in court.

Apple reportedly will launch the iPhone 5 in September. Until now, not yet known what form and touch screen capabilities of this handset.