iPhone 5 use Samsung Prosesor?

Various rumors circulate as endlessly about the specifications of the iPhone 5 or whatever his name later. The latest news, Apple’s flagship smartphone will wear Exynos based processor made by Samsung.

Quoted from the Examiner, Saturday (7/7/2012), is derived from media reports from Taiwan, DigiTimes. According to reports related sources, the new iPhone will use ARM-based quad-core processor architecture Samsung Exynos.

“Apple is expected to issue a new generation iPhone created a quad core processor-based Samsung Exynos 4 in the second half of 2012, so the heat of competition,” according to reports from DigiTimes.

Smartphone today is that many are using the processor 4 of the brain to increase performance. One X call it HTC, LG Optimus 4X HD and of course Samsung Galaxy S III.

Another rumor circulating for example the iPhone’s screen will be larger in size and buried NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Reportedly, the new generation iPhone will be released towards the end of this year 2012.