iPhone 5S to offer incremental changes over the iPhone 5

New iPhone 5S rumours have hit the web, with repeated Apple tipster Digitimes suggesting Apple’s next-generation handset will offer only minor improvements on the current iPhone 5.


Seemingly set to be an iterative update ahead of a heavily revised iPhone 6 release next year, latest reports have claimed that an iPhone 5S release date will be held in Q3, with Apple reportedly housing no plans to unleash a heavily rumoured cheap iPhone that would be tasked with offering a new entry point into the company’s ecosystem.

Citing “sources from the upstream supply chain,” Digitimes, which has become synonymous with speculative Apple predictions, has suggested that “the new iPhone will not receive a major upgrade and may just be a slightly enhanced version of iPhone 5.”

With the unnamed sources reportedly suggesting the first iPhone 5S components will begin shipping in late May, they added that “the iPhone 5S is expected to feature a higher-end processor as well as higher-megapixel camera modules.”

iPhone 5S Rumours
Widely expected to be little more than an incremental update on the existing iPhone 5, latest iPhone 5S rumours have claimed the device will build on the form factor of the current offering, bring a quad-core CPU into the mix to help rival the leading Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Although all far from confirmed, further iPhone 5S rumours have claimed Apple, in a move similar to that taken with the 2012 iPod touch, could offer the iPhone 5S in ‘6-8 colours’.

Tipped to enter the realms of reality in September, a year on from the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S has been mooted as a potential launch partner for the iPad mini 2, a device believed to be heading to launch with a new Retina display in tow.