iPhone 5S Suspected Not Better than the iPhone 5

In fact, the existence of the iPhone 5S mazy make anything related to the development of Apple’s latest device will certainly attract the attention of consumers, especially the attention of the observers of the technology to be enthusiastic or pessimistic while waiting.

This is evident from the various images scattered by showing the outside or inside of the iPhone 5S. In fact, consumers can know the “secret” before having the device, such as the body that are easily scratched by keys, coins, and most recently with a knife.

Although believed to be better than the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S will not guarantee regardless of the extreme threat.

This was revealed by the Jailbreak Nation recently, as quoted from Cnet, on Tuesday (08.27.13). Although not the first, but what Nation Jaibreak tested this time looks more like knowing how strong iPhone ‘gold’ and the iPhone 5S can withstand some extreme action.

Initial testing is done is scratch the back of the phone is using a knife, intended to show the robustness of the impact of the iPhone 5S will damage resulting from cosmetic equipment in the bag.

Interestingly, the tests performed did not involve testing of collision or something that can make the phone screen broke, and may even cause the device to become dysfunctional.