iPhone 5S Will Embedded Camera 12 MP and Low Light Mode

iPhone clan known as a smartphone that has a good camera skill. Unfortunately, this feature does not leap too mean on the iPhone 5, in which the features and the sensor is no different with the iPhone 4S. As if to make up for the disappointment of the fanboy, Apple is reportedly preparing an iPhone with a 12 MP camera.

Latest iPhone as the iPhone 5S is assumed that not only has the highest camera features in the iPhone clan, but also enriched in terms of its features night shoot with low light capability better. This information is reported 9to5Mac, Monday (15/04/2013), citing Wonderful Saigon Electrics in Binh Duong, Vietnam, which is the producer of the iPhone camera module.


This is not too surprising, considering Apple as series ‘S’ should have a meaningful development in the camera, where the iPhone 4S comes with an 8 MP sensor, compared to version 4 which is only 5 MP.

In fact, the difference in the camera features of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S is not much different. Improvisation iPhone 5 camera only on the side of the lens made ​​from sapphire, while the sensor remains the same: 8 MP.

This speculation is not the first time. Previously, iLounge has also been reported that the iPhone camera is a new generation will have a 13 MP camera sensor. So, rumors about which one will be the reality?