iPhone Applications for Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

Eco-movement or ‘Go Green’ is now commonplace in many countries as an effort to rescue the earth from the ravages of global warming. Many ways you can do to support this program, including the recycling, limiting energy consumption and save the use of plastic. Confused where to start? If you are smartphone users, especially iPhone, here are some applications that will help you care for the earth, as reported by She Knows.

1. Zero Carbon
Helps save the earth with the Zero Carbon applications. In addition to calculating the amount of carbon in around you, this application also gives you some ‘tools’ that lists the tasks and actions you can take to reduce carbon emissions around you. In addition, you can also share the results of observation and environmental commitments on Facebook.

2. Locavore
Vegetables should always be qualified with the label does not import. Vegetables produced by local farmers do not lose a healthy and fresh, especially now widely cultivated organic vegetable starts. Locavore iPhone app will help you find local fresh market that is closest to your position through GPS system. Free app of the iPhone will also provide info on what foods are in season now and the future. In addition, you also can find local recipes, even ‘post’ to Facebook what are the new foods you eat.

3. iRecycle
iRecycle will assist your efforts to make recycling easier. Not just recycling by separating aluminum and paper, but also recycling of electronic goods such as mobile phones and used batteries. This application will let you know what products can be recycled by 1000 more than 300 ways and recycling of different materials. Plus, this free application will give you news about eco-movement tailored to your location and your lifestyle.

4. Fooducate
One way to do a ‘go green’ is to study the food we eat every day. Only by doing ‘scan’ to barcode favorite foods, you will receive a report on these products. Starting from nutritional value, and details about the additives in the product, which can harm the environment or your health.