iPhone New Generation Will Able to Record Video Up to 120 fps

Operating system iOS 7 seem to will be decorated by various types of new features fee that is innovative. The article of, the site 9to5Mac, Tuesday (09/07/13), new-recently been found the feature interesting for optimize the camera functions iOS 7. Features are later will be capable of recording images with effects slow-motion or motion slow.


Such a code is actually “hidden” in inside version beta 3 which released recently this by the Apple. In therein, the developers could find the function for record images with frame high and will produce images within motion slow. This feature also will improve the quality of the image with taking detail which is high.

Apple itself named the new feature with alias “Mogul”. This feature could record images as much as 120 frames per sec (fps). However although code from such features could be found in inside iOS 7 version beta, the developers have not been could use it in inside device iPad or iPhone generations now, due to hardware limitations.

With the presence of this feature, the analysts foresee iPhone the latest generation will be able to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4, especially in division the camera. Currently, iPhone 5 is only capable of recording images up to 30 fps.