IPhone with Physical Keyboard Really Start Outstanding in Online?

Often we made a typo when using a touchscreen phone. Well for you iPhone owners who want to experience a physical keyboard like the blackberry users, SoloMatrix iphone case issued a product by adding a physical keyboard. For those who like a typo, this is one of the good stuff a must-have for your beloved iphone. Unique case named Spike has 3 types to choose from, namely Spike 1, Spike 2 and Spike 3.

The third difference was found in the material type. Spike 1 is the standard version of the look of the form case not very elegant. Spike 2 is a premium version with a better case material and a physical keyboard that can be folded flat with the case. So that when the iphone you put into your pocket, then the case is not very large and difficult to be included. When you are not using the physical keys just to back fold, and you can use the touchscreen as normal again. Even you use a physical keyboard, touchscreen and still keep functioning.

Well, the latter type is the Spike 3 which is a limited edition products, a case of making use of materials and Aerospace grade aluminum clad in two colors: Neutron KickStarte Gray and Green. To make it even more special Spike 3 for the owner, will provide custom Engrave SoloMatrix.

Want to get this cool Case, just order in kicksarter. Now Early birds starting price of $ 20. Interested?