iPhone Transfer utility (AnyTrans) Apps from iMobile – Limited only for 10 BBiPhone.com reader

Hello BBiphones Reader,

I have some good news for you. iMobile give free -AnyTrans Apps- iPhone Transfer Utility limited only for 10 bbiphones reader.

for detail AnyTrans Apps you can check here and for License Code you can contact us here

Dear Editor,

It is Kelly Woods from iMobie. Sorry about this abrupt letter but please give me a minute to introduce our new released AnyTrans – an iPhone Transfer utility I hope you’ll consider for possible inclusion in your catalog:

1. When upgrading Apple devices to the latest iPad mini or iPhone 5, many customers may have such a question: How to get particular Music, Movies, and Apps from old device onto the new one? AnyTrans can just handle it with its unique iWizard feature.

2. Restore from existing backup on iTunes is a good option but they have to fill up their new-bought iPhone iPad with quite a few iTunes duplicated tracks, low quality movies or Apps without any game progress/record. AnyTrans brings about a much more flexible solution than iTunes.

3. It is a pity that users have a large amount of AVI, MKV, M2TS videos in HD quality but iTunes refuses to add them on the iPad. AnyTrans is made for smoothing this inconvenience via an advanced video trans-coding engine built inside.

Full Details: http://www.imobie.com/anytrans/

Although the expense of keeping AnyTrans up-to-date with floods of new Apple devices is beyond our finance capacity, we merely charge users $39.9 to enjoy this full-featured Windows App. But, dear editor, as I’m not asking for a commercial promo post, it is my great honor to give you and your readers 10 full copies to take the firsthand experience on our AnyTrans. Here are the codes:




PS: To facilitate your writing, we have prepared some hi-def graphic materials you may need: http://www.imobie.com/anytrans/resource.htm

Best Regards,

Kelly Woods

iMobie Inc.

[email protected]