Is it true that the iPhone 5S Also Comes In Gunmetal Wrap?

Given the news that has been mentioned when the Apple iPhone 5S will come in black, gold, and white. Now a new picture from Japan back leaked on Sunday (25/08), shows a recent literacy of iPhone 5S comes wrapped in gunmetal color. In the picture also shows a SIM card tray is black and gold which further strengthens the news about the availability of the second color.

As reported by SlashGear on Monday (08.26.13), the image is incidentally derived from the same source where the Apple iPhone 5S pictures were first leaked last week, so there is some reason to believe that the image of the original SIM card tray .

iphone 5s gunmetal 1
iphone 5s gunmetal 2

iphone 5s gunmetal 3iphone 5s gunmetal 4
As we all know, the Apple iPhone was initially available in a choice of black and white. Gold will be the first color that will be present after the black and white, and it could be if the gunmetal color cast will present accompanying iPhone 5S golden color.

Gunmetal itself can be defined as a dark gray color. And while doubts about the launch of the latest iPhone is still looming, not a mistake if you remain optimistic about the possibility of golden color when the iPhone will be introduced this year. Apple itself has not officially announced the exact date of the launch lineup of the latest iPhone, but at least when 10 September.