Jailbreak Con 2013: Convention for Hacker and iOS Developer

Those who have an iPhone, an iPhone or iPad, never did make Jailbreaking get paid applications for free without going through the official App Store?

Infact there is Jailbreaking  community. However, it seems Jailbreaking is decreased, because the last few months jailbreak for iOS applications on iOS has not been released and it looks like it may be difficult to 7 have been hacked. Although JailbreakCon still ongoing. This is the only convention dedicated to community Jailbreaker.

This convention was held in New York City for two days and includes workshops for developers and hacker’s together speakers from Cydia creator and a number of other well-known names in the community Jailbreaker, as quoted from Appicker, Sunday (08/25/2013). The talks were conducted include things like Jailbreaking in iOS 7.

Jailbreaking is where you get root access to your iOS device. This allows you to install illegal apps. This application can be a pirated version of the content in iTunes or theme of your device. Cydia itself is a store third-party app that allows you to easily install this application.