Japan Display Showcase 12 inch Screen with 4K Resolution for Notebooks and Tablets

Some time ago, Panasonic offers his tablet has a resolution of 4K, 3840 x 2160piksel, with fantastic prices . But the tablet is large, ie, with 20-inch screen. Now, a Japanese company, Japan Display recently showed off 12-inch screen with a resolution of 4K which can be used for notebook and tablet devices.


With a size of 12 inches and a resolution of 4k, the screen also has a high density. When compared to a smartphone, TFT LCD display Display the latest from Japan offers a pixel density that is equivalent to high end smart phones on the market, 365 pixels per inch.

The high resolution also provides comfort for gamers. Moreover, the screen size is also very fitting to offer, which is 12 inches. With the screen is, of course, in the coming months there will be a tablet or notebook is ready to present to 4k resolution.