Judge: Galaxy Tab not as cool as the iPad

Apple again failed in its patent battle in British courts. Having defeated the HTC, Samsung now turn to Apple bent.

Apple initially disputed the claimed design of Galaxy Tab iPad cheating. However, court judge Colin Birss of High Court stated that the form is not the same as the Galaxy Tab iPad.

Colin explains, if visible from the front, the design of Galaxy Tab and iPad may indeed be similar. But Samsung products considered being very thin and having an unusual detail on the back.

“They (the Galaxy Tab) have not owned by the extreme simplicity in the design of Apple. Galaxy Tab is not as cool as the iPad. Different overall impression it produces,” said Colin is quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (10/07/2012).

Samsung also welcomed the decision of the English courts. They were also disappointed at Apple filed a lawsuit ongoing.

“If Apple continues to make a legal claim in another country based on this generic design, innovation in the industry could be disrupted and limited consumer choice,” Samsung said in a statement.

Previously, HTC also successfully confront the Apple lawsuit in British court. HTC is not proven violation of the patent as alleged by Apple.