Latest Pictures of Apple iPhone 5C Colorful Appears Back

Apple again present and make the gadget focused on the new generation. Recently, a site from China back leaked some images are believed to be the Budget iPhone aka iPhone 5C. Unlike the previous pictures, you will be presented with the iPhone photo 5C varying colors.


The photos were first released by site and show two different images. The first picture shows the ranks of iPhone 5C colorful looks to have wrapped and ready to be delivered to consumers. While in the second photo clearly visible apparition iPhone 5C in blue and the body is made of clear plastic.

In addition, there are several other leaks shown by the sites from China. As quoted from Mashable, Monday (02/09/13), a website named C Technology conjures images of an iPhone 5C in green. The difference is, the picture presented by this site does not show images of the home-screen iOS system 7.