Latest Rumor: Apple Will Use Curve Screen Project Smart Watch

We certainly have often heard many rumors about Apple’s plans to build futuristic products. But in fact, most of the rumors are not proven, and in fact lost in time.


But there is one rumor that is predicted to have the greatest chance to actually happen. One of these rumors is the Apple Smart Watch. Rumors about Smart Watch project has indeed been heard since December last year 2012. In fact, reportedly, the device is intentionally designed to be complementary to the operating system iOS gadget users.

As reported by ubergizmo, Apple is now rumored to be looking to concentrate on developing a smart watch that will be completed by the iOS. In the article, Apple is also rumored to be using the technology ‘curved glass’ built by Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass.

To date, there is no information regarding the specifications and design of the official smart clock, or even about the viability of the rumors. One thing we can do is waiting patiently for the next news.