Latest video of the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

The presence of leaked images of the iPhone may not have the latest types make you feel satisfied. Do not be afraid, because the “spy” internet re-released a few things about the latest generation Apple smartphone this. But this time, you will be presented not only still images, but in the form of video.

The emergence of not one, but two videos at once, make the most of Apple fanboy would feel more curious. Naturally, because many believe that Apple will launch the iPhone 5S and 5C simultaneously on September 10, about two weeks ahead.

The first video released by Keaton TechSmartt Keller of the site. In this video you can see the rear view of the three variants of the iPhone 5S colors, namely white, black, and gold. In addition, you also presented a first-look of the iPhone 5C blue.

As for the second video released by MacRumors site, showing the size comparison of the three iPhone 5S gold, black, and white. Apple clearly visible designer team did not make significant changes in terms of dimensions, but managed to give an impression of exclusivity to the third smartphone.