Launch of BlackBerry 10 Being Last for RIM

In accordance heralded, BlackBerry 10 finally officially launched on Wednesday (01/30/2013) yesterday. In addition to being a milestone in the revival of the BlackBerry smartphone industry is now controlled by iOS and Android devices, launch BlackBerry 10 seems to be the end for Research In Motion (RIM). Why?


Yes, in front of the audience who attended the launch in New York, USA, CEO Thorsten Heins RIM announced that the company’s name will not be there anymore. Instead, it chose Canadian BlackBerry vendor symbolized as the company’s goals.

“This is a brand, a promise. Customers we use a BlackBerry, our employees are working for the BlackBerry. Changes are not the end of the rim, but the first step of the BlackBerry. We are BlackBerry,” he greeted the audience applause.

As we know, RIM has not only created the BlackBerry but also create their own platform and its network access BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES), which works with more than 600 telecommunications operators in the world. As in Indonesia, at least around the operator to open the network services for BlackBerry devices.

With the name change to RIM BlackBerry, then automatically changes the company issuer code of RIMM into BBRY in Nasdaq trading floor, the United States and Toronto, began trading February 4 later.

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In addition, the official website for this use also replaced with the name, including the email address that moves with [email protected]

With these changes, if fate BlackBerry will also change? We’ll see.