launch of the BlackBerry 10, RIM Sell Discount old Blackberry

It’s not just games and apps on sale by developers, this time a device come sell their products, such as the rumored BlackBerry devices will discount the BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry 7 when it was released on Jan. 30.

blackberry 7

If you are worried about the high price of BlackBerry 10 phones, but you’re still in love with the BlackBerry, not to worry. If you have not been able to buy BlackBerry 10 you can still use the BlackBerry 7 which get discounted rates.

As reported Digitime, Wednesday (26/12/2012), price cuts made ​​by BlackBerry to expand their market share in the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America is still considered a potential market. In this way, for people who still want to use a BlackBerry can buy them cheaper.

Now, with the promised price cuts, certainly a high price later no longer a reason for you not to buy a BlackBerry.