Lazy to Read Email, Governor of New York Use the PIN and BBM on his BlackBerry

The politicians have a million secrets that will not be shared with the public. And now the hackers have been easily targeted email officials and families. So how to avoid sending messages via email, which usually goes through several servers and can be easily read by a third party, the Governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo to use the BlackBerry to communicate with staff via BlackBerry Messenger and PIN facilities.

The system is used as a substitute when a phone call can not be done. Unlike email which can be recovered after deletion, BlackBerry Messenger messages and leave no trace once they are removed, they are gone forever. Sources said that the Governor PIN known only to the circle in New York City hall.

Governor spokesman, Josh Vlasto, said that no secret Cuomo hate to use email and prefer to make phone calls. While the Governor may think that the PIN message using the BBM offers a form of protection from legal problems, Robert Freeman, Committee on Open Government states that in any shape, internal communications can not be read by the public.

However, the reason for Cuomo hate email when the facility is one of them was able to reduce the career of former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Cuomo staff knows to immediately destroy the email and PIN messages. Also uses a similar system is the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.