Lenovo Launches Mobile Workstation P50 and P70 to first Armed with Intel Xeon

Intel recently announced their latest line of processors code-naming “Skylake” for desktop-class, now they quietly launched a new processor for servers and the processor is already available news. As previously reported that Intel is preparing their server processor to enter the ranks of the notebook.

Reporting from Anandtech, notebook manufacturer Lenovo will be the first to carry the latest server processors from Intel. Series which was announced at the SIGGRAPH 2015 is P50 and P70. Both will be equipped with processors from Intel with the Intel Xeon series E3-1500M v5. Although the Intel does not give detail specs of their latest server processors, Lenovo promises that they can be planted notebook latest type of RAM, up to 64GB DDR4 with 4 slots available.

Lenovo said that they are using Intel Xeon processor type so that they will be able to use the notebook ram type of ECC that can only be used by a server-class processors. For its own graphics processor, Lenovo will hold a product from Nvidia Quadro, and equipped with a 1TB SSD which can be coupled with hard drives up to 2TB.

Differences were only teletak the overall dimensions and the size of the screen to be used. For P50 will carry a 15.6-inch wide screen, while the P70 will use a 17.3-inch screen and both are already using IPS technology.

For the battery problem, Lenovo claims using the latest processors from Intel with 14nm fabrication of this, will be able to provide the battery life is longer because basically this notebook used for heavy work.

Talk about price, they will be priced at different nominal. To model the P50 will be appreciated approximately $ 1,599, or about 21 million rupiah and $ 1,999 for P70 series are in Rupiah around 27 million, is fantastic.

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