LG Start Selling Smartphone G Flex Curved Screen in South Korea on November 12

Samsung and LG are the two South Korean companies that continue to do competition. Even the two companies also have a smartphone product with curved screens respectively, the G Flex and the Galaxy Round. And both the smartphone was going to compete in the smartphone market curled.


The LG has just announced that they will start selling the G Flex on 12 November. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Round manufactures have started selling his smartphone early with a very limited amount. The difference, LG will market smartphones G Flex to the international market. While the Samsung Galaxy Round only provides for the South Korean market.

Unfortunately, the LG still has not announced the price of the G Flex about his property. While the Galaxy Round has been sold by Samsung at a price that is super expensive, the equivalent of 11 million dollars. Both devices come with the same processor, the Snapdragon 800, but the G Flex uses the screen with a lower resolution of 720p.