LinkedIn for iPhone and Android Comes With New User Interface

LinkedIn has now released the latest update on applications for iPhone and Android. In the latest update, the overall look and feel of the application has been overhauled with a much different look than the previous version. Along with this latest update, LinkedIn also changed the user interface and mobile website.


Applications for the iPhone and Android itself have been improved from the beginning to create specific applications for each platform. It shows that the LinkedIn app updated version now faster because it does not have to download the elements of the web. Later, LinkedIn also added the @ sign in the mention of the network for ease of access on the spur conversation. LinkedIn app in the latest version has a richer content in the ‘Home’. Streaming will feature customized news updates and postings of visitors.

Development team also adds a comment box is now available directly, which gives the user the flexibility to leave a comment or like the post mark. The new navigation page is now also presenting a more simple personalization options. LinkedIn application with the latest updates you can get from iTunes App for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users.

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