Little Interest In New Blackberry Z10 Smartphone

bbz10The new BlackBerry Z10 which is set to go on sale tomorrow Monday in Australia is being snubbed by US consumers and the giant carrier AT&T.

Over the weekend Optus was the only carrier promoting the new Z10 with a pre order offer, both Vodafone and Telstra chose to spruik vthe Sony Xperia 2 over the new Blackberry.

The touchscreen Z10 which is seen as critical in helping to resurrect BlackBerry’s slumping sales went on sale Friday in the U.S however AT&T, the first U.S. carrier to begin selling the phones, didn’t highlight the Z10 or give it prominent shelf space at stores in New York and San Francisco.

The Wall Street Journal said that at two AT&T stores in Manhattan, there were neither special signs nor floor displays to promote the Z10. Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony products are widely displayed and promoted.

When a customer asked to see the Z10 at an AT&T store in downtown San Francisco, the store’s representatives had to retrieve it from the back.

The Z10 has been available in more than 20 markets around the world since its Jan. 30 unveiling, including Canada and the U.K., but the U.S. launch was delayed nearly two months. RIM executives blamed more-rigorous testing processes at U.S and Australian carriers carriers for the delay.

AT&T staff said there had been “little interest” in the new smartphone