Looks BlackBerry X10 Revealed

In addition comes in the form of touch screen smartphones, Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry device 10 also presented with a physical keyboard that has been synonymous with variants of previous BlackBerry and has become a stereotype of smartphones carried by Canadian vendor.


Nerdberry this morning, Saturday (22/12/2012) has uploaded a photo claimed as BlackBerry Z10 (N-Series). Unfortunately, the photo shown is only visible behind it. It’s like the first leaked BlackBerry X10 (L-Series) whose picture had horrendous cyberspace.

From his first appearance, the Z10 looks so simple and does not show a special design. At first glance, it looks like frail cheap phones. RIM seems too ‘forced’ design your BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard should be identical to the Bold series are legendary.

Maybe RIM should get out of his comfort zone-related design new BlackBerry, which is now the gadget-freak expect much with the breakthrough were presented on BlackBerry 10. If only the design-that is presented, the possibility that the handset will not be ogled next year.