Lumia 2020, Second Tablet from Nokia with 8-inch screen is reportedly Release April 2014

The first tablet from Nokia, the Lumia 2520 introduced some time ago. And according to information obtained by Digitimes and quoted from Slashgear, the Finnish company is preparing a tablet with code name both Illusionist.


The tablet is also rumored to be having the name Lumia 2020. Unlike the Lumia 2520, this tablet has a smaller screen size, which is 8 inches. And this tablet also offers a specification that is not less when compared to Lumia 2520.

Other news of Indomobile revealed that the tablet is going to put Windows OS RT 8.1, as seen in the Lumia 2520. Inside are 800 quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. Regarding the launch itself, the Nokia tablet is rumored to be released in April 2014.