Mailbox Will Soon Be Powering Your iPhone

Mailbox for iPhone

A fresh and brand new email manager app called Mailbox is said to be on its way for a big launch. In case you wonder, the app will replace the native email app on your iPhone today. Worry not, folks, because as far as the convenient features are concerned, Mailbox is said to be mixing the functionality of Clear and the beauty of minimalist interface signified by Sparrow. Mind you, the dev team is so ensured about its success that they even have prepared a reservation system to avoid server shutdown due to massive access by new users.

Among its handy features is its swipe-based interface which also provides a special button you can use to put off messages to deal with later. While the developer team is so much confident that their Mailbox will succeed, they have to ensure Apple that their app is good enough to be the default mail app. Until today, the Cupertino-based company does not allow any third-party app to take the role of its native mail app. Thus, you will have to tap on the link in Safari first before you can get it to run, which is really bothersome.

If you think you’re good enough with that and feel like experiencing new email app, then you will need to secure a place for yourself. Head over to the developer website and register your phone number. You’ll be given a private code that you have to input upon activating the app for the first time. Are you up for this?