Microsoft Interested to Buy Winamp from AOL?

Yesterday’s official announcement appears as the owner of AOL Winamp which it will be shut down on December 20 next. But the plan could be canceled, because Microsoft reportedly have an interest to buy Winamp from AOL.


Quoted from Pocket-lint, Microsoft is reportedly in talks with AOL regarding this matter. But TechCrunch revealed that talks are not related to the purchase Winamp entering the final stages, especially related to the issue price to be paid by Microsoft.

This news also led to speculation about the resurrection Winamp before official funeral procession made. Along with the purchase of Winamp, Microsoft is also reportedly interested in acquiring Shoutcast, streaming service developed by Nullsoft and also currently owned by AOL.

There is no information on the reasons for Microsoft to purchase the Winamp. Microsoft could just use the feature in Winamp owned his own service like Xbox Music or develop it independently.